Toyota carburetor base plate desperately needed

I have an '86 Corolla LE which has been wonderful (over 383,000 miles) and I have looked after it but now I get poor gas mileage because this base plate has developed a leak and my mechanic cannot find a used one, cannot seal the leak, and there are no new ones available either in USA or Canada. I was told that the part # is 21913-15030. If it cannot be replaced I know it will not pass the California smog check and I will have to donate it or scrap it. Would I be able to find one in Europe? Is there anyone out there who can help me save my car from oblivion?

What is the base plate made of ? The upper and lower gaskets are available at rock auto. I would think with the new gaskets as a pattern, youcould make one out of mild steel plate by drilling and filing.

Are there any vacuum ports in the base plate? Can it be eliminated? You may need to find a fabricator who can cut you a new one.

Worth a try anyways.

Where is it leaking? Is it at a crack? Or is there a shaft that is too loose?

It’s just hard to imagine a leak that can’t be sealed in some way, no real pressures or high temperatures to deal with.

If this plate has a 3/8" copper tube sticking out of it, its for the EGR. Its about a 1/2" thick and made from aluminum.

There used to be a forum for the 4AC engine. If they still exist, try there. The Tercel of the same year used the 3AC engine which is identical to the 4AC except 100 cc’s smaller. There is a forum specializing in the tercel 4WD wagon called They have a used parts section and you may find on ether. A lot of the members switched the OEM carburetor to a Weber and got rid of this plate because they needed the headroom. That is members who don’t live in California.