i have a 1987 dodge omni,the base plate on the intake is either warped or cracked,causing stalling ,rough idle i am having trouble finding a replacement,is there a temporay fix for this,such as ,weld,or possibly using two gaskets,and how can i find another one?

Get some non-silicone caulk sealant.

You may be able to take the warped base place and fix it yourself (if it’s just warped and not cracked). First find a very flat surface, like a pane of glass or a counter top. Then take a sheet of relatively fine wet sandpaper - place it on the sheet of glass and use that to sand and re-flatten the base plate. Rotate the base place in circles over the sandpaper.

I was one of the main carburetor mechanics in a Chrysler/Plymouth dealership back in the 70s. Chrysler had a problem with warped mating surfaces between the two halves of many of their small-block V8 carburetors. The factory-recommended repair procedure was as I described above. It worked really well.

ty so much,i will try that