Toyota Camry's Radiator Fan


I have a 1997 Toyota Camry. My question is the following: Is the radiator fan supposed to come on whether the engine is hot or not? This morning I noticed it coming on from a cold start.

No, it shouldn’t be coming on from a cold start. However, if your HVAC system was left on either the A/C or defrost settings when the car was shut down previously, then the radiator fan would run at cold start up because the radiator fan runs continuously when the A/C compressor is activated. Is it possible that the A/C or defrost functions were running when you started the car?

My '91 Camry had two adjacent fans, one for the AC and the other for the cooling. The AC fan comes on whenever the AC is on, the other only when the system needs it.

The right one was the AC, the left one was the engine.