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2007 Camry Hybrid- Brakes and VSC System

I have a 2007 Camry Hybrid and got the front and rear rotors and pads changed last Friday at a shop. On Monday morning, I drove the car to a Pharmacy drive-thru and briefly stopped it. It would not start a few minutes later and showed - Check VSC System Error. Someone helped me push it out of the way and then I tried re-starting, and it did. Since then it has happened a couple of times again. A little push and then it restarts. Otherwise, all error lights come on when attempting to start the car. I check the brake fluid- it is at Max or slightly higher. The driving seems ok when it is driving. Does anyone know what could be happening? Is there a reset button or do I have to take it to the dealer to get it scanned? I disconnected the ‘positive’ terminal of the battery (the negative was hard to reach) but that did not seem to change things. Any ideas, please help.


“would not start” ? please clarify. Was the starter running *whirr-whirr sound) but the engine not “catching” ? Or no starter sound at all? did you hear a click?

If the starter is spinning but the motor doesn’t catch and a little push fixes it, it could be a broken tooth in the bendix gear. That is the large gear on the flywheel that the starter engages (with a small gear) to spin the engine.

Actually, what I meant was by simply pushing it slowly a few feet, and then trying to start it worked. The car started as if nothing was wrong with it. Else, all kinds of lights appear and stay there and the starter push button remains orange and does not turn green.

To clarify, the car was stationery again when attempting to restart it. Somehow dislodging it worked on two occasions.

Can doing a brake job lead to the VSC issue? The shop is not taking responsibility although nothing was wrong before they did the brake job.

If the start button is amber the system is not detecting that the brake peddle is pressed.
Try pushing the brake peddle harder or apply the brake peddle several times until the start button light is green. You may have a failing brake light switch.

Reading the system fault codes would be very helpful.

I doubt the brake repair and the starting problem are related. This may be a time for paying the dealer the 100.00 fee for diagnostics. Most of the time if they end up dong the work the diagnostic fee is waived.

Well, it is suspicious. VSC = vehicle stability control, maybe they caused a problem with one of the wheel speed sensors, or the wiring. Worth a check.

Thank you folks. An update about the car. I also sense a little instability while driving. It seems like the wind is pushing it occasionally to one side or the other, but it was not windy. Almost like the VSC system is trying to correct it and therefore a little swaying. It is like if one tries to move the steering a couple of degrees to the left and then back again.

Is VSC the only warning light that is on?

Well actually, ‘Check VSC System’ msg comes on for a few secs and then goes off when the car actually starts. It stays on when the car does not start in addition to several other lights which stay on. Then if I move the car a few feet, the car starts again and the error message is gone. While driving, there is no VSC light, but the car feels just a tad bit unstable.

It is normal to have warning lights on when the ignition isn’t in “Ready” mode, there may or may not be faults in the system. I don’t know why moving the car allows the start button to lite green, that may be coincidence. Next time try applying the brake a few times until the start button is green.

Thanks guys. An update. Took the car to a dealer. They did not find anything in the scan except that one of the battery cells was bad. Replaced the battery (a whopping $516) and now its fine. No more error messages or occasional starting problems. In face, a lingering TPMS light is also gone now. They also mentioned that the instability while driving is due to worn struts. Quoted $1600 to replace those but I passed on that one. Will look for a cheaper shop.

Hope someone will find this useful.

$516 for a standard lead acid battery…WOW…That’s expensive. I replaced the battery on my wifes 07 Lexus a few months ago for under $200.

The Camry HV uses an AGM auxiliary battery. Toyota prices are high for AGM batteries, some are $300.

Yes, AGM batteries are expensive but one could find them for under $200. It is also not that simple to replace them. I think the car needs to be hooked up to a spare 12V battery all the time while replacing including some other stuff. Did not want to mess with all that.

The 516.00 to get this solved does not really sound out of line. Hybrids could really be messed up if not done properly. Plus there were probably other charges besides the battery. If the OP is not complaining about the cost that is all that matters.


I’m fairly certain a Camry Hybrid doesn’t have a starter