Fan not working after changing the dead battery


I have a 2009 XLE Camry which has been running smoothly for years. I failed to replace my old battery on-time and my drained battery surprised me on Christmas morning. I tried to jump-start it, long story short but something went wrong during jump-start and I lost all the lights on my dash (I can’t say I didn’t cross the cables but I’m pretty sure I was fully awake that morning).

I bought a new battery and replaced the old one, lights on dash are back on, the engine starts but there is no acceleration at all, the car just moves forward on D and backwards on R but no acceleration on gas pedal. I did some research and figured I might have blown a fuse, I opened my fuse box under my hood and found out my 10 Amp ETCS fuse is blown. I changed the fuse and now acceleration is back, I can drive the car but I get this ‘VSC System Check’ error on my dash, the ‘Check Engine’ light is also on and the AC fan is not working.

Could it be another blown fuse? Is this something I can fix by myself?

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Yes, it could be another fuse.

I have a 2008 Rav4, and my owners manual states that a few modules need to be reinitiated if the battery were to be disconnected. Your Camry is probably similar. Check the manual for the reinitializing procedures.

@BustedKnuckles… Thanks. I just checked my user manual and didn’t find anything about ‘reinitializing procedures’. Only found this: When the battery is discharged or removed, the tire pressure warning system must be initialized (which it has nothing to do with my case).

If VSC means Vehicle Speed Control then the tire pressure warning system may very well be causing the system check warning. As for the blower problem, if you find no fuses blown out and your system uses a variable speed control rather than several fixed speeds then the speed control module may possibly be damaged. It is a solid state unit the regulates the power to the blower motor. To see if the motor has a problem you could apply power directly to the motor.

@Cougar, thanks for your comment. I found a thorough explanation about VSC on this page.

Here is an update about my situation: Today all the warning messages on the dash and the check engine light are gone. I haven’t checked the fuse box yet and the fan is still not blowing. My guess is, I might have displaced a fuse when I was checking them accidentally. I think I’ll double check the fuse diagram behind the fuse box cover to see if that’s the case.

You’re welcome for the help.

What type of speed control for the blower do you have?

I checked all the fuses in the fuse box under the steering wheel and under the hood and they all look fine. It might be a blower relay (which I don’t think I can inspect them visually without any equipment.) I scheduled an appointment to take it to a Toyota dealer service.

XLE’s have automatic climate control but fan speed can also be manually controlled with LOW, HIGH buttons.

You should have at least a test light probe to verify where power is getting to. While checking fuses is a good thing to do you still don’t know if power is getting through it and to the accessory. Since you seem to a have a solid state speed control module rather than resistors to control the speed I suspect the module has been damaged.