Toyota Camry 2000 /V6

I noticed some “wet” spots in my car port. They are almost right underneath where the rear passenger seat is relative where my car is parked. The “wet” spots do not have an odor, they are clear and unoily /ungreasy. What could these be, is my car leaky somewhere?

After the water spots dried up, they leave traces (rings)/chalk / white powder like water mark around the spots, do they mean anything. By the way, it rained a week ago and thats when I first noticed the spots. Thanks!

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that these wet spots are in fact rain water.

I also vote for rain water. It could be condensation from the A/C but that would tend to be in front of the front passenger seat. If you have a sun roof, it could be from a drain.

Does it appear to be wet related to your weather?

The spots are water. The white ring is just minerals left after the water evaporates, possibly coming from the concrete on which the car is parked.

Why the water is under the rear passenger seat I cannot explain.

The AC evaporator will drip water onto the ground, but that’s behind the front wheel on the passenger side.

Has this ever happened before?

This is the only time I have noticed this condition. Same here, I also do not unbderstand why the water were at the back end of the car, and not the front.

If these are really just water, then I am not going worry about it. My car otherwised drives fine. I am keeping my fingers crossed, can’t afford any expensive repairs these days.

Thank you for all your insight.

I may also be condensation from the air conditioner, assuming you are using the air conditioner or you are using defrost. The drain from the A/C is right in front of the passenger’s seat.

Do You Have A Puppy? We Had A Puppy Named (Coincidently) Puddles. This Was A Common Event.

If not, here’s another possibility. You don’t give a hint as to where you live or what your climate is like. Do you make short trips (less than 3-5 miles) with your Camry and then park it?

Water is naturally produced by combustion. Naturally, a car engine (internal combustion engine) burns gasoline and produces water as a by-product. Ordinarily, one drives far enough to get all the engine parts and exhaust system (where most of the water winds up) hot enough to vaporize this water and dry everything out prior to parking. Maybe you have noticed water dripping from car tail pipes. I have seen water almost running from them in certain conditions of cooler weather and probably higher humidity. This happens before the car is thoroughly warmed up. Besides the tail pipe, the exhaust system often has little holes at the low points of mufflers or resonators where excess water can drip out (under your car, even after you park). Too much extra moisture is not desirable for the engine or the longevity of the exhaust system.

Be sure to make long enough trips (probably 10-15 miles), frequently (once a week)if possible, to get things dried out. That’s my best guess. I hope this helps.

Have you checked your trunk and spare tire well for evidence of water?

Water can migrate via strange paths into these cavities. I had a problem once and discovered that I had a very small chip in a taillight lens through which rainwater was migrating and following a convaluted pathway under the composit trunk panels and into the spare tire well.

Excellent point about the condensation in the exhaust and the weepholes in the mufflers. I didn’t even think of that.

To the OP: I concur with CSA that you should check this out first. Water vapor is a common byproduct of cumbustion (the hydrogen in the hydrocarbon bonds with the oxygen in the air and forms H2O) and water dripping out of cool exhaust systems is quite common in today’s cars. And yes, there are often weepholes in mufflers to prevent the water pooling in there.

Thank you everyone for replying to my post…

CSA, you are correct, I only have a 7 mins commute each way to and from work everyday. That could be the problem, except this is the only time i have seen this “problem” so far. I will deft’ly consider your advice.

Thank you again everyone!

Thank you everyone… merci beaucoup!