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Toyota Camry 2000 - V6 - 2 Problems

I have 2 problems with my car, not sure if these are serious or not

AA) My car makes a “low pitch” noise when backing out; for example, backing out from a car port or parking space; what migt this be? Otherwise, I hear don’t the noise.

BB) Brake pedal seems to vibrate a little bit /or maybe it is a little stiff, I do not know how else to describe it when going down in a multi-level garage. This happens right between the flat service as I am about to make a sharp turn down to the next level. The brake pedal is usually depressed when driving down the garage.

Car otherwise stops/ slows down well at stop signs; traffic lights or stop and go traffic.

Thank you for any comments.

AA) You need to give us a much better description as to all of the conditions present when you hear this noise, as well as where it seems to be emanating from, and a more complete description of the “low pitch” noise. It is a low-pitched vibration, or a low-pitched rattle, or a low-pitched hum, or…?

BB) Vibration in the brake pedal is most likely either the ABS Self-Test (if the vibration is very brief–one second or so), or the ABS is actually kicking in. The ABS could be “kicking in” for two possible reasons–a defective wheel sensor or a very slippery surface in the parking garage, coupled with a steep downgrade.

AA) No idea really.

BB) Could it be the ABS? The Antilock Brake System on our 1999 4-cylinder (in most respects the same car as yours) is truly obnoxious. It operates down to zero MPH notwithstanding a common assurance that ABS doesn’t kick in at very low speeds. Makes stopping straight on ice extremely difficult compared to our non-ABS vehicles. I hate it – as does my wife. It causes a pulsation in the brake pedal. If you are not an aggressive brake user and never drive on ice, you might never have encountered it in normal driving. I have no idea why it would only activate while spiraling down into a parking garage.

I’d try some tight low speed turns with braking in a empty parking lot – in both directions. If you can reproduce the vibration and it only happens when turning in one direction, I’d worry that it might be a symptom of a suspension problem of some sort.

For the first problem, is this something that just started? Or has it happened as long as you’ve had the car? Most cars do make a whining noise to some extent in reverse. (It has something to do with how the gear teeth are shaped for reverse, but I forget the details.)

For the second problem, are you driving over one of those metal joints between concrete sections when it happens? If so, it probably is the ABS kicking in, as others have suggested, since those are pretty slippery compared to concrete.