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Brake pedal doesn't feel smooth on a month old Camry 2012

When I press on the brake pedal, at about halfway point, I feel a clacking sensation instead of a smooth downward motion. When I let my foot off the pedal, I feel the sensation again. There also seems to be a small knocking sound when I feel that clacking.

In terms of braking, there’s no issue. It’s just a minor annoyance that’s been bugging me for a while.

If I’m not being very clear, please let me know or ask me question.

Is it a hybrid?

Nope. It’s just plain jane Camry LE 2012

Have you taken back to the dealer?

This sounds like a binding return spring on the pedal. It probably isn’t serious but you should allow the dealers mechanics to look at it, just in case.

Yeah, I haven’t actually been to the dealer. I’ve been delaying it because frankly, I found it a minor annoyance. The annoyance has just been building, so I thought I might find out if it’s anything to worry about.

I was going to go in for a loud windshield wiper anyway, so I guess I’ll go to a dealer.

Thanks, Keith!

Does this car have ABS? Maybe there is something a little askew with that. And it could be a problem with a brake caliper or pad that isn’t installed correctly. Maybe a shim didn’t get installed. In any event, this should be shown to the dealer shop, as it might be a safety issue.