Toyota Camry 2005 -- ABS issue?

I was driving my Dad’s Camry in the rain and at one stop I heard what sounded like the anti-lock break noise and vibration. Heard it again when stopping on leaves. Didn’t think much of it until I started noticing the same noise when the road was dry and clear. All the stops were gradual, from under 30 mph. The car stops fine, less the noise. I hear the noise approx 1 stop of 3 or 4 regardless of road conditions or weather.

What’s the cause? Since it relates to the braking system is this something I should have the shop look at asap?

This is a 2005 but with under 60,000 miles. Has been well maintained.

Thanks !

Yes, you should have the shop look at it ASAP.

Sounds like the rotors may be causing a pulsation for any number of reasons, all related to run-out. Regardless, this should be looked at immediately. Brake problems are very dangerous.

Do you have a “check engine light” on?

Another possibility: Do you have a tire that is significantly more worn or underinflated than the others? This will cause a difference in wheel rotation rate which the ABS wheel speed sensors will sense as a difference in wheel speed which, in turn will activate the ABS.

If that’s the case the ABS is just doing what it’s supposed to do.

Based on OP’s description, I’m guessing one or more of the speed sensors is bad

Not open circuit or shorted. If that were the case, the abs light would remain on anytime the ignition was on

I would not be at all surprised if somebody hooked up a professional scanner and there were some abs fault codes

Even if there weren’t a competent mechanic armed with a good scanner and a dmm could figure this out in a reasonable amount of time

I’m with dB on this one, speed sensor on the fritz seems the most likely culprit. I concur w/the others that this problem deserves to be looked at the first opportunity. Caution is in order until you know that it isn’t causing a serious decrease in brakinging performance.

Loss of the ABS function completely wouldn’t necessarily cause a big decrease in stopping distance. ABS’s main function is to provide better steering and handling control in emergency stopping situations. But a malfunctioning ABS – as opposed to a non-functional one – could cause serious braking problems. So you need to know which it is.