Camry Hummer

I have a 2005 toyota camry LE with 77000 miles on it. I recently took a job 300 miles from home and return home on weekends. With the extra miles I decided to get some PM done on the camry. I had the tires rotated/balanced, radiator and transmission flushed and the oil/filter changed. I had virtually no maintenance concerns with the camry prior to this service. About 1 month later I started hearing a low Hum in the drive train. It was most noticeable while going a steady speed (40-55mph) on a flat road (little torque). The noise did go away when I pushed the O/D button. Over the next few weeks it started to get a bit louder. I took it to a local Toyota dealer and they told me that the transmission was failing but was not sure if it was the tranmission or the torque convertor. I had the previous service done at Meineke and the dealer told me that they used the wrong fluid and that most likely damaged the transmission. T-4 fluid is the only compatible fluid to use on this Camry and when the Toyota dealer called Meineke they said that they used Dextron with a supplement. I later took the car to the Meineke service center to discuss this and they told me that they did use the correct fluid (T-4). THey took the car for a drive and informed me that the torque convertor was failing and that fluid would have nothing to do with this failure. (They based their opinion on the noise going away when the O/D button was pushed.) THe issue is that there is no warranty from Toyota and they said that I should have done the service with them. I am trying to figure out root cause and whether it is just a failure of the transmission/torque convertor and/or was it related to the fluid that Meineke put into the Camry. Can you tell me whether or not Meineke is right about the fluid and torque convertor?


Thank you

Have The Transmission Flushed Immediately And Filled With The Correct Fluid.
The problem could relate directly to the use of the wrong fluid or maybe not.

Every mile you drive, you risk doing more damage. I’d try the flush and proper fluid fill, first. If that doesn’t solve the problem, I’d look into diagnosing and repairing the faulty component(s).

Most cars require a specific type of fluid and I have even known transmission shops that cut corners and use “universal” fluids and “additives”. Many (most) cars don’t tolerate this well.

I hope Transman, a transmission expert who frequents this site, will weigh in and help you.


Thanks for the advice. I had the toyota dealer flush and refill with T4. THis was recommended by toyota corporate service center. It did not help the noise. The noise is also getting worse. It does go away when I push the O/D button. I am doing this for now. Do you recommend going to a transmission specialty shop or back to the dealer? I still want to know if I can pin this on Meineke for putting the wrong fluid in? THey said that the torque convertor was bad and the fluid could not damage the torque convertor. The next step will be small claims court if I can support the fluid doing damage to the transmission and/or torque convertor.

Any thoughts?

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