Toyota bz4x

Toyota finally has an all-electric vehicle for the public. It’s the bz4x crossover. Apparently it’s on sale, although I’m not sure when they will ship. Unfortunately you can drive the wheels off it. Literally. Toyota issued a recall for the few that are out there or in transit to repair the wheels so that they will stay on the car. Oops…

I hope no one was injured figuring this out. It appears the North America is a later distribution point for them, with many early SUVs going to Europe.

260 for the USA vs 2,200 for europe, only 20 to Canada. From looking at CarGuru’s the closest one’s to here are going to Oregon and California dealers.

I figured many had to go to California. IIRC all auto manufacturers have to sell at least one EV to continue selling anything in Cali.

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