Toyota 4 runner Locks won't work

We have a 2002 Toyota 4 Runner. Starting in October the locks started not working. We took it to our favorite mechanic and it was over his head. So we took it to the dealer. The mechanic there thought it was a bad remote. We took the battery out of the remote now none of the locks work. We can push them down manually. And our key opens the doors. Any ideas?

did this come with two remotes?

do BOTH remotes not work?

when you took the battery out of the remote, did you put a new one in???

did you look in the owners manual to see what type battery is required for the remote, and did you get the correct one?

and in the manual is there a specific programming you have to do to the remote when you change batterys?

No we bought the 4 runner used and only came with one remote.
I replaced the battery this summer with the correct one. I don’t think that there is specific programming when you change batteries.

do you have the manual?

i know with my chrysler there are options to open one door, or all doors with the remote. check if battery replacement resets that to just one door. maybe the power door lock on the drivers door is broken. it is possible that one of the door locks is not working, but the coincidence of changing the battery reset the thing to just open the drivers door.

you mention: " We took the battery out of the remote now none of the locks work."
does this mean that you took the battery out, and have not put one in? or you replaced the battery and nothing works? or you put a new battery in, and it works like in october: “in October the locks started not working”?