Car blower, blows air inconsistently

my blower has a mind of its own. when the vent is on it can take up to 20 mns. for air to come out. then if I change it to defrost the same thing. I think it possessed LOL. but in reality it is quite annoying. the air does not blow on either setting for 20mns. any clues

What car? They vary. In some the HVAC doors operate by engine vacuum; others use small electric motors or solenoids. Is the blower motor working only intermittently? Have you tried all its speeds. Sometimes they work only on High.

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Also, in some vehicles, the engine has to warm up enough to trip a switch to allow the fan to turn on high. That’s how my 2017 Accord works.

Problems w/hvac vent door actuators are a pretty common report here. I suspect that’s what the problem is.

Its not door vents its the dash vents

It is likely that the blower motor is failing, if a mode door were in the wrong position the air would still blow out somewhere.

Vent door is another term for the flaps inside the HVAC ducts. They open and close to change the direction of the air flow.

The problem is probably the resistors,plug harness or both. try getting the resistors or plug harness replaced and if it’s still not working bring it to a mechanic.

It works on all speeds.just takes time to switch from defrost to the vent in the front

Funny thing is the fett blower is always working.

Typo? What do you mean by “fett”? Do you mean the heater blower motor is running at all times, even when the heater fan is supposed to be off?

Its a Honda cry 2010. Any ideas?