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Town & Country Brake Lights

Greetings from Snowy Baltimore (where we’re having our second blizzard in less than a week). Anyway, last night as I was driving home from work in the snow, I was going down a hill and had no choice but to go over a couple large chunks of snow/ice. (I was leery of braking too much because I was going downhill on a snow covered road. I couldn’t go to the right because of snow piled up on the side of the road, and couldn’t go left because there was a front-end loader moving snow in the other lane). A few blocks later, my brake lights (both ABS and the normal brake light) came on. Could snow/ice caught in the brakes make the lights come on? I was only a couple blocks from home so I made it all the way home, and I haven’t had to drive today. It may be a few days before it gets above freezing for anything to melt. Any thoughts would be welcome.


Richard in Baltimore

You may have trouble with one of the wheel sensor circuits so check them out for a bad connection. Also make sure the brake fluid is ok. If you can’t find the trouble the dealer may be able to get a code using the DRB box.

If the primary brake warning light comes on the ABS light automatically comes on. That’s because the ABS won’t function if there’s a problem with the primary brake system. Once it’s determined what’s causing the primary brake warning light to come on and it’s repaired so the light turns off, the ABS light will also turn off.