Town Car Roof Top

What type of roof is really on a 96 Lincoln Town car executive. Even the people at Ford Motor Co. could not tell me!!! I was told a Landau by one person and another said no that was not it. Plus, I would love to know how to take care of it-cleaning/protecting? I say it is cloth someone else says it’s vinyl??? PLEASE HELP!!

If it is not metal, then it is vinyl–unless your car had one of those aftermarket “pimp” roofs installed at the dealership. (By “pimp” roof–which is a term that I have heard at car dealerships–I am referring to those obviously fake tan convertible roofs that some people seem to think look good.)

Is the roof covering the standard issue type seen on most Town Cars of that era?
If so, then it is surely vinyl.
If it is one of those aftermarket roofs, then anything is possible.

If it is the standard vinyl roof covering, you should still be able to find special vinyl roof cleaners and dressings at a well-stocked auto parts store.

Many times, these roof treatments are NOT factory installed…They are a dealer installed accessory…The materials used are anybody’s guess…