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Town Car ignition key locked

I have a 95 Town car that we use in Florida and yes my wife can see over the steering wheel. The ignition key is locked. I can get the key in and out but it will not turn at all. I’ve tried wiggling both the wheel and shifter with no luck. What do I do??

Have a new key made and try that…Next call a mobile locksmith…

I’ve seen a lot of people with Fords have issues with this. I’ve not really looked into it much, but the consensus on various automotive fora is that Ford uses low quality parts for its ignition cylinders, and as a result they jam from time to time. Wiggling the wheel is the way to get it loose - sometimes you have to use quite a lot of force on it. I’ve also seen people report that they had the ignition cylinder replaced by a locksmith and no longer have problems.