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Ignition lock

Mary Glenn has a 2001 ford focus wagon with a jammed ignition lock. It will not unlock, rendering the car immobile. I think it might be the parking gear interlock, perhaps a solenoid on the ignition lock. If we can unlock it, and move the car, she will donate it to our local NPR station, WFPL in Louisville. Don’t tell me the tow truck driver can yank it anyway, without unlocking it.

Pay for a mechanic to come to the car to fix it.

Look in the yellow pages for “Locksmith, Mobile” They will quickly have you fixed up.

When I as a mechanic install a new lock cylinder (door or ignition) have I been promoted to “locksmith”?

Are locksmiths familar with steering column disassembly and air bag procedures? as a mechanic I am.

I vote for mobile mechanic over mobile locksmith.

The voltage is likely too low. Attach jumper cables to the battery, then, try it.

Few “mechanics” today will TOUCH a steering column teardown. It’s a job for specialists. A locksmith can change the cylinder without tearing anything down…Just finding a mobile mechanic will be a real challenge. A mobile locksmith will be at your service in an hour or two…The OP just wants the key to turn, not an engine rebuild…

I will bet that the steering wheel lock is preventing the key from turning. Grab the wheel, and try to turn it both ways while turning the key. The parking gear interlock should be an electrical solenoid on the gear lever only, and no effect on the key. If rocking the steering wheel doesn’t work, then you’ll need to find a mechanic. The lock cylinder will need to be removed, and this may require removal of the steering wheel. As long as your using the correct key.

BTW, if you did not want to spend money o it, the tow driver can take it as-is, without unlocking it. They do it all the time with impounds.

It was my speciality,that you for the compliment,a “specialist”

We had plenty of mechanics that repaired steering columns,it was called “light line”

You are probably right Knuckles…The wheels are probably turned at a sharp angle, jamming the lock…

The Focus is notorious for eating ignition lock cylinders. They’ve never been recalled but have been re-designed. It will need a cylinder kit and probably two new keys depending on the wear of the first two keys.