Town and country shuting off

HI ive got a 97 chrysler town and country 3.8L the motor will shut off somtime when taking off from a red light and die the motor wil always restart. somtime while going down the road the motor wil cut off and then star tup again as if the key is turened off and on. somtime like off-on off-on off-on shaking the van. I had a nea tranny installed due to a tranny problen that arose and acked like a slipping clutch motor reving and not moving. ive had shops look at it for this stalling problem to no help,

Any check engine lights? If yes I will read the codes and start there. Otherwise check the ignition switch and also make sure the battery cables esp the negative is secure. Make sure the negative attachment to the car base is solid too.

there is a check engine light. but the shops didnt mention any relation to it

cool mornings it dosent seen to happen as much as hot afternoon drives home

Have the codes from the computer/engine light read and post here. Most parts stores (auto-zone etc) would do this for free.