Chrysler town and country engine stalling

my 1997 town and country van with the 3.8 liter engine keeps stalling at unpredictable times. sometimes when it is cold first thing in the morning, other times when fully warmed up at a stop light and sometimes on the interstate at 70 mph. the tach drops to zero, the speedometer drops to zero, the check engine light blinks on and then back off, the computer doesnt record any error codes. it causes the cruise control to drop out while on the hiway. the engine always starts right back up, for how long, its unpredictable. mechnics have replaced the three engine sensors twice, checked and cleaned wiring contacts at sensors and engine computer. And also the Knock sensor has already been disconnected per a chrysler bulletin. at hiway speeds the engine usually bucks and then keeps running, but sometimes dies. Please help me with any suggestions.

Could be many things without knowing more.
When it stalls, do the lights on the dash all light up or do they all go off?
If the thing just blatantly stops without any dash lights and recording codes, maybe your ignition switch went bad.

It sounds like communication to the PCM is being lost intermittently.