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Towing with a CVT

Car Talk Readers,

I am planning to order a new 2008 Jeep Patriot w/a Constantly Variable Transmission (CVT) and would appreciated your insight & opinions regarding towing. If ordering the manual transmission I?d have the option to include a towing pkg (wiring harness & oil cooler), but this is not an option with the CVT. I really want the CVT, but also need the ability to make infrequent, short in town trips with a small trailer (less than 1000lbs total trailer & load weight). I?d consider just adding an aftermarket hitch & harness?but don?t want to kill the CVT.

Will occasional, light, slow towing harm my new CVT equipped Patriot?

Sincerely, John

The best I can come up with is a standard towing capacity of 1000 pounds. Drop by a dealer and check the figures for sure.