Jeep trans issue but not sure what

So my 2012 jeep patriot 2wd 2.0 with CVT trans messed up on me the other day. I was feeling a shudder before my 15 mile trip home. After about ten miles it started shuddering badly so I pulled off and after I stopped it will not drive. The shifter moves and the d is highlighted on the dash but it will not go. It just jumps and bucks. I towed it home than the next day tried and it will drive with the autostick but not in reverse or regular drive… any suggestions???

I would call that tow truck company and take it to a good independent auto repair shop for a diagnosis. If you have never changed to cvt fluid, expect bad news.


I never have changed the cvt fluid. I did have a broken fill tube so I replaced that and bought an after market dipstick and had to put more fluid in trans. That was about 30000 miles ago