Desperate in Anchorage

Traveled in uhual from Mexico pulling 2009 jeep patriot we thought only needed clutch repair. Now are told needs transmission for a total of 7500$ is this worth it for a jeep with no power locks/windows? Are remanufactured transmissions reliable? PLEASE HELP Thanks!

Is this a manual transmission? Get a second opinion. The estimate you received should be written. What exactly does it say you get for $7500?

From Mexico to Alaska with wheels on the ground? Yikes, and no one warned you? All I can offer is to shop for price and consider a low mileage used transmission. $7,500 sounds like a dealer price. Look to an independent transmission shop. Check the Mechanics Files on the home page. A reman or rebuilt can be as, if not more, reliable than new, but it also depends on the skill of the rebuilder. And warranty period is important to consider.

Definitely get a second opinion. Not clear why it should need a new manual transmission. According to Motorhome Magazine, the 2009 Patriot with a manual transmission is “dinghy” towable (the way you towed it, all 4 wheels on the road) with no mileage or speed restrictions.
So unless that information is wrong, towing it should not have damaged anything.

Check your owner’s manual and see what it says about towing. If it does not explicitly prohibit “dinghy” towing with a manual transmission, there should not have been a problem.

So, check your owner’s manual and get a second opinion.

But if you’re saying that the Patriot had a clutch/transmission problem before you made the trip, that’s a different story, and towing it had nothing to do with it.

Yes manual 4x4

Part of the high price is likely due to the location being in Alaska. If it is really needed I would look into a company like LKQ and what it would cost to have it shipped up there. What exactly did they say failed?

“If it is really needed I would look into a company like LKQ and what it would cost to have it shipped up there”


Steve–If you re-read the OP’s post, it was stated that they towed the car themselves–behind a U-Haul truck–from Mexico to Alaska.

As to the OP’s question, all I can suggest is to get additional quotes from other mechanics.
Personally, I wouldn’t sink $7,500 into a vehicle that may well have other issues, but it is possible that repair costs in Alaska are higher than in other parts of The US.

get a second opinion!!!

I can only echo what others have already said…get a second opinion. As a former citizen of the 49th state…I can tell you that almost everything costs more in Alaska. You might get lucky and find a wrecked 2009 Jeep Patriot and buy the transmission out of it. Funny thing…my wife is in the market for a Jeep Patriot right now. We have looked at quite a few and they are either over-priced or have manual transmissions. She wants an automatic even though they have CVT’s. Good luck because I went through a similar plight with a 1988 Dodge Dakota. The 5-speed manual transmission self destructed at around 50K. There were no good used transmissions around and to have one rebuilt would have cost me the value of the truck. I converted it to an automatic with a floor shift just to get it back on the road. I sold it soon afterwards.

I was referring to a used Trans not the car. If it really does need a Trans contacting a dismantler like LKQ and having it shipped may be more affordable. Being in Alaska the OP probably has limited options for shops and parts.

I would consider arranging a way to driving down to Washington state to pick it up if shipping to Alaska is that much. That is assuming you have another set of wheels. And can take some time to drive across Canada.

IMHO, it would depend upon the mileage.less then 50k, sure. Anything more then that with their less then Stella repair records, I would try to get as much out of it as possible and buy a RAV.