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Towing a 4 x 8 open trailer with a Taurus

I just traded in my 2 vehicles for a '05 Ford Taurus with only 29,000 miles. And I was wondering if the Taurus could pull the trailer? I usually bring a poker table or 2 tables on the trailer…I now have to use the trailer since I traded in my truck. I plan to install a hitch and transmission cooler. Would that be OK? I know not to tow anything heavy. Please advise. Thanks!

Your Taurus will have a maximum towing WEIGHT. Look that figure up. Also, aerodynamic drag can make trailer towing difficult and this varies with the design and height of the trailer…

Mounting a hitch on unibody cars like the Taurus can be a challenge, but I guess it can be done…

It will be fine.


It won’t be a problem at all. After my 87 Sable (3.0, automatic) got retired as a family car I used it as an errand runner, parts carrier at times, going fishing car, and did a lot of trailer pulling with it. One of the trailers was a 14 footer but to be fair I never pulled the trailer with anything more than a light to moderate load of 1000 pounds or so, not including the trailer weight of course.

Never a hiccup, and that was with a 300-400k miles Sable to boot.

Your owner’s manual will give you the only truely correct advice.

Thanks everyone for their response! Its greatly appreciated.