Wise decision?

I don’t have any car problems but I was just curious for your opinions. I have a 2005 Ford Taurus with 41,000 miles. That’s my only vehicle and I recently inherited my late mother’s house and it is a lot of work. I use an open mesh 4x8 trailer with my Taurus. I ran across a 2003 Chevrolet S-10 extended cab with the 4.3 V6 auto tranny with 45,000 miles. Possible can even trade for it. Using the trailer with my Taurus kills the gas mileage obivously. So I’m wondering if it would be wise to trade the Taurus for the S-10? Or keep the Taurus and use the trailer? I’m just curious to see what your advice would be. Thanks.

If you’re not hauling a whole lot of weight with that trailer, I’d say keep what you have. The S-10 isn’t going to get any better fuel economy, not to mention the passenger compartment is quite cramped compared to Taurus. The we get to the built in almost guaranteed failure/s. In probably about 15,000 miles (if it doesn;t need it already), the intake gaskets are gonna leak coolant. That’s gonna be about 600 to a thousand dollars. Oil cooler lines are prone to leaking. If you’re serious about this trade, spend the money to have a comprehensive inspection done by a competent mechanic.

I’d keep the Taurus. Sure! You get lousy mileage while towing a trailer but the mileage returns once the trailer is unhooked. With the S10, you’ll get lousy mileage both when the trailer is hooked up and when it isn’t.


The s-10 wasn’t all that well known for reliability when new, plus it’s 2 years older than your current ride; keep the Taurus

I have a 2000 S-10 Blazer 4wd. The 4.3 is prone to the intake gasket leak (mine was replaced at 45k in 2004). Wheel bearings were replaced at 56k (~$800 parts and labor). I’ve heard ball joints are a problem area too. Don’t expect more than 17/18 mpg even with 2wd. My wife averaged 22/23 with her 91 Taurus.

Keep the Taurus, especially if it’s been reliable so far. The S-10 is an unknown quantity.

Ed B.

Okay. Thanks for the advice! Now, what about the Colorado? Does all that apply? I know its a redesign but Im curious. Thanks!

You are not towing constantly so keep the Taurus.

An S-10 is a likely a bad choice, they are are at best unreliable or repair prone.

Make sure to change your automatic transmission fluid more often as you putting more stress on it.