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What are my towing options with a 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan?

My family and I are planning a move from Florida to California in a few months. We’re going to rent a trailer from U-Haul for our move. I’m not very knowledgeable when it comes to cars and it seems as if I haven’t been able to get a clear answer so I was wondering; what trailer size is the biggest my car could tow while still being within its limits to do so. I realize this might be an ignorant thing to ask but I’m not even sure what information I should know about the car in order to find out what my options are. Thanks in advance.

Call uhaul I am sure they can tell you.

Read the owner’s manual. Also, what engine and transmission does it have?

from the owner’s manual:


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Nice Bill. Helpful. OP - You can add 2,000 lbs to all of the V-6 ratings (not tongue weight:-) if you have the V-6 with tow package.

Florida to California, unless I am wrong that means hills, mountains , desert and long days at the wheel in an loaded vehicle that might not handle well.

Just have one of those moving Pods set at your present address and then delivered to your next one .


I would be a little concerned hooking a 5000# trailer to a Caravan, especially for someone not familiar with pulling trailers. Agree either rent the pod, or rent a truck instead and either have a second driver or rent a trailer for the van.

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Was the 2.4 L engine still offered in 2007? The info in the chart you cited may not be applicable in their case. You are right to tell them to check their owners manual - for the van they have and intend to use.

Regardless of what the owner’s manual says, I’d be leery about towing anything with a minivan. The transmission will be the weak link. A fellow down the road wrecked their Honda Odessey transmission out by towing a lightweight tent trailer. It was probably loaded down with camping stuff.

My recommendation is :Don’t do it!

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I don’t even know the weight, but I towed a pretty full long covered trailer years ago with my 1999 Plymouth Voyager - maybe twice at 335 miles each. It felt pretty dicey. I had recently change the ATF, and stopped to check it along the way. And in anything but flat country I put the trans into 3rd gear to keep it from hunting up to 4th and back. No problems ensued.

But older and wiser, I would not try it again and instead would pay to get the job done with proper equipment and personnel. I have seen jackknifed trailers behind crushed mightier vehicles than a Chrysler minivan, and feel I dodged a bullet.

I’d rent a Uhaul van instead. Cross country is hard towing.

What does your own owners manual say? Anything here is invalid speculation unless it’s based upon that.

Me too. Looks like 1800lbs max for trailer if reading it right. That’s not much trailer…and rightly so for a Caravan…

This is a 10 year old van, how much rust is there underneath? I am concerned there is not enough strength left in the unibody to take a major strain. I am on my 4th Chrysler product mini van and really like them. I would not use it to pull a trailer any distance. As others have said rent a Uhaul truck, maybe get a trailer to put the minivan behind the truck.

Yeah I thought that chart was a little confusing. It talked about gross weight but didn’t say what the vehicle weighs. Not that I saw anyway.

That chart is for vehicles without the tow package. Vehicles with the tow package have a tow rating of up to 3800 LBS however for an aging Grand Caravan I wouldn’t attempt a cross country tow, 100 miles would be about my limit.

Here’s another vote to rent a U-Haul truck and tow the van with it.

Sorry for being so inactive in this thread. I appreciate all the advice and we’ve come to decide that we’re just going to rent a U-Haul truck and tow the van with it as to not waste gas.


Smart move.

Good idea. Me, I’m not crazy about towing, We drove both vehicles.