Tower heist

Anyone see the scene in tower heist where they lower Ferrari outside building? They show the exhaust and it has a Pretty cool exhaust. There are dual resonators and than dual muffs leading to long dual outlet tailpipes. I am 99% sure this is a kit car. Why on earth would they use a real Ferrari for filming. Does anyone know who made the car?

I recall reading that the original Ferarri used in Magnum PI was actually a 'Vette with modifications to look like a Ferarri. And they often rent or lease cars for movies. There are places where you can lease exotic cars.

There were two replicas used in that movie, and they were the wrong color. Steve McQueen’s actual Ferrari was brown, but the filmmakers wanted red for visual purposes. The cars are highly customized Volvo 1800’s. They were built by Erich Schultz.

Pretty sure Magnum had a real 308. Vette proportions are all wrong. The Daytona on Miami Vice was a Vette.

You may be right, I may be thinking of the Daytona on M-V. It was many years ago when I read it.

No, the Miami vice Daytona is a fake. The magnum pi car is the real deal. Just a low priced 308. They used to give them away when the 30k service came due.

Nobody ever gave ME one!
For the record, there was also a Testarossa on Miami Vice, and now I’m wondering of it might have been THAT car.

The scene where the car is hanging from the cable has a real nice shot of the bottom of car. If the car was a p1800, does it have such a sweet looking dual exhaust? Why would a little 1800cc motor need a dual exhaust with separate resonators/muffs on each side? A 4cyl barely needs 1 muff. Maybe the underside of car was computer enhanced? I am pretty darn sure the shot of car hanging outside tower at 28 stories is fake.

As I recall, a couple of years into Miami Vice Don Johnson lobbied for - and got- a real Ferrari to replace the kit car in the first seasons. Amazing what good TV ratings will do. Amazing I remember that, or disappointing. I forgot important stuff to keep that.