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Anyone looking for a Fake Bugatti?

Florida man is trying to sell a Fake Bugatti.

It looks damn good though, but no where near the performance. For show only.

It’s akin to buying a Fake Rolex.

I saw that on the internet this morning. Operating costs would be significantly lower.

Pretty decent job all things considered although fakes are not my cup of tea.

At least this fake wouldn’t require 20k dollar oil changes.

I thought the workmanship was excellent. I agree…I wouldn’t like the fake either.

Some fakes I wouldn’t mind…A Cobra Kit car wouldn’t be bad. At least the performance would be close.

I’m not into fake anythings either. It would also be difficult to keep up with 20k each tires on the real deal.

I’ve seen worse customized normal cars:

I mean, I’ve really seen worse:

No really… I’ve seen the worst.

So yeah, the fake Veyron isn’t too bad. Would be better if the horn cover didn’t look like someone slapped a Bugatti logo on a McDonald’s hamburger bun, though.

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Saw my first Zimmer on the road Saturday, pulling out of a Lowes parking lot. I guess it’s a fake, but a fake what?
Looked like this:

It’s supposed to be an SSK Roadster. I was going to post a picture but… I can’t find one. Only 40 were built. 4 or 5 remain. All the pics are of replicars. But most of the replicars are much better than Zimmer put out:

For some reason people think Zimmers are cool but… A Landau hard top on a roadster replica? Whaa?

I always hated how most if not all of the Zimmers kept the stock door, which was a dead giveaway that the car was really an '80’s 3-boxer.

This is the real thing… Quite a beauty!


Yeah, I think those Zimmers and the other ones that were made were ‘inspired’ by the SSK. Not my cup of Java…


Out of all the cars, in my opinion only the genuine article(s) look good . . . everything else was hideous

I would have to be paid a large amount of money to even be seen anywhere near any of those “things”

As far as that chrome job car . . . what a waste of a nice set of Benz alloy rims

Tom and Ray’s “Field guide to the north american whacko” comes to mind :laughing:

because anybody driving these things must be a whacko

I wished that I had a pic of a Cadillac that a friend modified back in the early 90s. He was a mechanic, member of the local car club, and a custom car builder/painter.

A guy brought him a FWD 1976 Cadillac El Dorado. The land yacht with the aircraft carrier hood on it. He added a whopping 18" of length between the windshield and front wheels. A couple of spare tires were added to the sides of the front fenders to complement the one on the rear. To me it was aardvark ugly but still an amazing piece of workmanship.

I sat in that thing after completion and practically needed binoculars to see the hood ornament which was way, way out there in the distance. Parallel parking would have likely required 3 spaces. Two for the car and one extra to maneuver with.