Towable vehicles (dinghys) behind motorhome

currently towing 4wd Jimmy—want smaller SUV. Which ones are recommended for towing? (without coupler)

jeep, the four door kind.

Check with the manufacturer, but almost any 4 wheel drive vehicle that has a neutral position in the transfer case can be towed with all 4 wheels on the ground.

Most Jeeps can be towed. Also, Chevrolet’s Colorado can be towed like that and my Dodge 2500 can be towed like that although it would be a lot of weight back there.


Jeep has already been mentioned. Not all are towable but most are. Saturn is popular, except for the sports car. We tow a Honda CR-V and find it very acceptable as a “toad.” Also the Honda Fit is towable. Ford F150s are also towable if they have 4x4 and a neutral transfer case.