Towing a 4x4

Can i safely tow a jeep wrangler on a car dolly. Thats one set of wheels on the dolly and the others on the ground.
My research online says yes, no and maybe.

Disconnect the rear of the driveshaft from the rear end, you should be good to go, otherwise, unless I’m missing the boat, you’re still turning stuff inside the transfer case.

Thats basically what i just learned on jeep forum.

Thank you

What do you do with the disconnected driveshaft? If you remove it you’d better seal the opening and tape up the U joint caps. I thought Jeeps with 4wd could be flat towed if the transfer case was put in neutral.

What does the owners manual say?

texases, people I know who’ve done this used (if you can visualize this) one or two bungee cords crossways (looped around the shaft) to create a “sling” to hold the back of the driveshaft off of the pavement, then another two (Doubled up) hooked to the rear of it, pulled forward and attached to the transmission crossmember to keep the driveshaft input shaft in the transmission, avoiding tranny fluid leakage.

Now, all this assumes you’re just towing the vehicle from point A to point B, not using it along the way. Otherwise, it can be a pain in the keester, unattaching and re-attaching the driveshaft all the time. OP didn’t say what was planned in the regard.

And yes, tape arount the U-joint caps. as I said, if you want to use the vehicle along the way, then this plan is a PITA.

texases is correct. Jeeps make excellent toads for that reason. Leave the trans in park, and put the transfer case in neutral. I’ve towed a JGC all over Colorado behind a motor home that way. Park is used just in case you don’t get the transfer case into neutral. I would not bother with a tow dolly. A good tow bar that will do the job is better, much cheaper, and IMHO safer.

I’ve used a tow dolly on FWD vehicles, and found them to be impossible to back up. A friend totaled his toad and his towing pickup when the toad blew a tire. They crossed the center line and rolled in the opposite ditch. Had there been any oncoming traffic, the results could have been much worse.

If the T-case has neutral, flat towing is the way to go. Tow dollys are scary beasts. I have to see them waggling behind diesel-pushers on the highway. Flat tows look far more stable.

Why bother with a dolly in the first place? Transfer case in neutral and steering wheel unlocked is the way to go.