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Finicky infinity 93 j30

When the car is cold, the car struggles to stay running, I know the fuel filter is good.

Seems to be temperature related, I came home this afternoon and it ran great. Tried to start it at 9:30 when cold and it died 3-4 times. Accelerator seems to be insignificant when its figting to run. Any thoughts?

The remedy for this car is to treat the cold start as you would a flooded carb and press the gas peddle all the way down and hold it for about ten seconds and then try a start, while keeping your foot on the gas pedal. I assume the check engine light is quiet.

How old are the plugs and wires? Is it weather (rain/humidity) related?

This problem has surfaced before, I changed the fuel filter at that time. I’ll try the accelerator idea. Thanks!

Were in Texas, the weather has been hot, but recently we have had rain, but it was 2-3 days before. I have to research the plugs and wires. I hadn’t thought of that, I was leaning towards a sensor.