Hard Start

Lately my Ion has become increasingly harder to start, especially in the cold. I have found that if I depress the gas pedal all the way to the floor when I turn the key it starts easily but rumbles and smokes a little when it starts. If I do not press all the way down it won’t start right away but will take 5 or 6 tries or not start at all. Otherwise the car runs fine once its started. Any ideas?

Sooner or later, someone will ask you for the year of your ION, the engine size, the number of miles on it, how long it has been since you last changed the spark plugs, and probably even ask you what was the last bit of work you had paid for on the car, and how long that happened before your starting issue began.

But I’m not going to do that.

We’ll all just sit here and wait until either someone does that, or you remember that it might be a good idea to include information like that, since it would help us understand why your car might be having issues.


I have been getting advice from this forum for about a year regarding all 4 of my vehicles. Everyone who answers my questions are always very helpful and never sarcastic. Congradulations, you are the first jerk I have come across. I didn’t know I recieved a response until this evening because for some reason the email notifying me I had a response went to my junk/spam folder. Now I know why. If you knew anything about Saturn Ions or cars ingeneral you would know that this question could have been answered without all the data you requested and just by the description I gave. It was the fuel filter. Try not to be such a Know it all my friend.

Wow…You sure have one royally thin skin there, ailimac.
Relax, after all this is a forum where FREE advice is generously shared.

“No advice for you! NEXT!” as the soup Nazi would say :slight_smile: !!!

Sorry, ailimac, but nobody from afar could possibly “know” that the problem was due to your failure to change the fuel filter in a timely manner. This is a perfect illustration of why Bladecutter asked about the car’s maintenance record, its model year, odometer mileage, etc. Only by knowing the car’s age, the number of miles it has accumulated, and its maintenance history could anyone attempt to diagnose a vehicle that we cannot see, hear, or touch.

Incidentally, there is no such word as “congradulations” (sic).
The word that you were probably thinking of is spelled “congratulations”.

I’m with Bladecutter on this one. It’s frustrating how often we have to drag relevant information out of people who should have offered it up in the first place.

Guys, it’s time to get a life!

I actually got a chuckle out of B.C’s post. It was almost like the script to an action movie, building up to the inevitible conclusion. Well written B.C.