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Touch-n-Go Dash board

My van is experiencing intermittent but when-it-rains-it-pours electrical failure in several dash features - wipers, radio, blower motor,(headlights?). The instumentation behind steering wheel is unaffected. Local shop could not diagnose. Too many white knuckle drives in rainstorms/blizzards. For the safety of my family and other motorists please respond!

The connectors on the wiring harness (that runs from the engine compartment to the dash) need to be checked out.

Might be the ignition switch. Next time it all goes out, gently wiggle the key and turn the switch back and forth slightly to see if everything comes back on. (don’t turn the key enough to shut off the car or start it)

Usually it is the solder points on the back of the instrument cluster. Just google it. Also look on Dodge specific forums. You could probably fix it yourself.

If you read the post, he says the gauge cluster is the one thing that IS working when this happens.

You are right, my bad. Could it be the body control module; another weak link on these cars.