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Rain causes no start in van

It rained and after about an hour of driving, the dash and wipers went wacky. Van kept running however and once it dried out it was fine. Then it rained again. 20 mins of driving same thing happened. This time, when it was shut off, it didn’t start for a week and then only after the battery was disconnected and reconnected. This last time even that didn’t work. What caused this and what will fix it?

a good start would be to check your spark plugs wire.

“the dash and wipers went wacky”…that tells me it’s an electrical problem. Maybe someone more familiar with the Dodge Caravan can direct you better, but I’d start at the battery and fusebox, and work from there.

As for disconnecting and reconnecting the battery, my guess is that you reset the computer and cleared whatever fault it thought it had.

Wasn’t the battery or the fuse box but in checking the wiring, we happened to wiggle one bunch of wires and have narrowed it down to that cluster. Now to figure out where the short/disconnect is! It’s running now even though we haven’t actually fixed the problem. But at least now I know which wires to jiggle if I can’t get it started, until we can fix it! Thanks for your input!