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Total engine hours has reset to zero - twice

I bought my 2005 Chevy Tahoe used in December 2010, with about 2200 engine hours and 54,000 miles. It’s been a great car - I love it! In January 2012, when the engine had about 3000 hours, it reset to zero! I went to a dealer, they had no explanation. They contacted GM, who had no explanation either, other that to say it couldn’t be done. Since I was left with no way to reset the hour log, I made a note of what I thought was the correct amount of hours. Last month, with about 350 hours showing, it reset again to zero!

I’m at a loss to figure this one out, and don’t want to waste my time again with the dealer, or GM. Is it possible cold winter weather has anything to do with the on-board computer malfunctioning? Is it possible the odometer was tampered with, before I bought the car? It runs well, but the only thing I’ve had to deal with is the transmission, which went out two days before Christmas, at about 87,000 miles. $3500 later, we were back up and running - :frowning:

Thanks for any ideas!

@Wilma why are you even sweating it?
If the odometer is still racking up miles correctly, I’d kill brain cells on something more important.
I don’t even think there are any legal problems. The engine hours are not noted when you buy/sell a car.

I’ve never heard of a passenger car that logged operating hours.

@circuitsmith this is a fullsized SUV. Many (perhaps all) of the GM trucks and SUVs keep track of the operating hours. I’m assuming it’s because GM knows there’s a good chance it will see fleet use.