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When to sell?

I have a 2004 Chevy Tahoe with 143,000 miles (owned since new). I’ve kept up with all of the maintenance and have had little trouble with it. The question is how long to keep it? I don’t mind putting some dollars in it as I go, but don’t want to be staring at large expenses and poor reliability. So, how long is too long???

The cheapest thing to do is to keep what you have and keep up the maintenance.  If an when you hit the really big expense, then it is time to let go.  In the mean time, figure out what a replacement car would cost and start saving the equivalent of car payments each month.  I believe you will have enough for a replacement in the savings account when you do need a replacement.

Thanks very much for your thoughts.

You are staring at the potential of large expenses. However the vehicle is not loosing much value as miles pile up at this point.

The likely case is something major will turn up that your stomach cannot handle and you will know. The problem is it could be in 1000 miles or another 100,000 miles. Who knows. If it works fine there is no reason to get rid of now. Unless there is something newer or better suited to you want.