Tahoe trouble

have a 2003 tahoe with 185000 miles. on 2 occassions (10 months apart) the vehicle would not start even though it cranked over fine. both times after a trip to the repair shop on a flatbed, it started and ran fine. was not flooded. had about 1/4 tank of gas on both occassions. replaced fuel filter but not fuel pump which was the suspect both times. should I spend the money and replace the fuel pump or is there something else to check?

I wouldn’t spend any money until you know exactly what is wrong. That might mean you have to experience the no-start condition again until it can be properly diagnosed.

The problem could be a no-spark condition. The next time it happens someone needs to check for spark and fuel pressure ASAP.

Keep tank at least half full and keep a rubber hammer with you.
When it will not start have someone listen by back drivers tire and then turn key but do not start. If pump is not heard whack tank with hammer.
Theres 1 or 2 relays, wires, connections and pump that needs to be checked for voltage when it will not start.
If no voltage after relay you can switch it out with defroster relay to test.
It could be a cracked wire in harness that is why you need to follow juice with meter, this or start throwing parts at it.

never thought electrical, if we are lucky it will happen when we are close to home base (we are on the road a lot as the milage indicates) or will have access to someone reliable to check these leads.

thanks for the advice.