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Torque convrter

What are signs and symptoms of failing torque converter?

Slipping, shuddering or whining are some symptoms that come to mind. Make sure you check the transmission fluid because low fluid level can cause the same symptoms. Slipping can also be the sign of a bad transmission. Have you checked your fluid level? What are your symptoms?

I slip too quickly through 1st and 2nd into 3rd. Once I’m doing 35 mph or so it’s fine. It’s a struggle doing 30 or less going on inclines. Inordinate amount of gas used from a stop. No weird noises. Oil is clear and full.

It’s possible that the torque converter is failing but to tell you the truth I have never had a bad torque converter on any of my vehicles. It’s more likely your transmission. You need some advice from transman. Transman?

ThanKyou missileman.