Torque Converter


Can you tell me where the torque converter is located on a 1993 ford taurus 3.8l V6 automatic?


It is part of the transmission, between the transmission and the engine. You can’t usually get to it without taking the transmission out.


The torque converter is pretty much a part of the transmission. Granted, it is removable from the transmission with no fuss, but that is only when the transmission is off the car. Notice that on an automatic transmission, the front end is always very large and shaped like a bell. This part of the transmission is called the bellhousing and the torque converter resides in there. It is bolted to the flywheel when the transmission is installed and engages the transmission input on the other side.

It is not removable without dropping the transmission.

So now tell us, what seems to be the problem?



t is bolted to the flywheel when the transmission

You meant flex plate didn’t you?


In a stick shift car, the clutch performs pretty much the same function as the “torque converter”, which is really a jazzed up fluid coupling…It transmits power from the engine to the transmission…