Torque Converter

I think I just need to tighten my torque converter on my 1964 El Camino. How do I do this and /or do I have to replace it?

You need to tell us what the symptoms are and why you feel you need to “tighten the converter”, which cannot be done if I’m reading this post correctly.

Shuddering, knocking, or what?
Or is the vehicle experiencing tranmission slippage, balky shifts, or shift flares and you’re equating this to a converter problem? If so, the transmission may be on the way out and the converter is not the cause.

Behind the oil pan is a metal cover that is removed from the transmission lower bell housing. This gains access to the torque converter to flex plate mounting fasteners. To gain access to all the mounting fasteners, rotate the engine by hand. If a thread locker wasn’t used on these fasteners, now would be the time to apply some.