TCC Solenoid in 98 Integra Question (Am I getting ripped off)

My check engine light came on. I took it to the mechanic and 2 hours later they told me the TCC Solenoid was out and needed to be replaced. The cost for just the part is $446. Is this a reasonable cost, a simple search of TCC Solenoids put them at costing much much less but I only seem to see them for other cars. Does anybody know if this is a normal cost?

The TCC solenoid is attached to the transmission. If there was a problem with it, the gear selector light would blink, not the check engine light.

I would go to AutoZone and get the check engine light codes read for free, then research what the codes mean.

It sounds like this mechanic is ripping you off.

For parts prices, you can always call an auto parts store or the Acura dealer parts department. Was there a charge for troubleshooting and diagnostics? Those SHOULD have been done. For a fair opinion on whether the cost was excessive, we would need to know , in more detail, the things which were done and the exact part(s) changed. There are trouble codes (P0740 thru P0744) for the Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid Circuit which would cause the check engine light to flash.