Car died

I was on the last mile of my daily treck home, when the car made a noise that sounded as if it automatically shifted the gears. I pushed the gas and it revved like it was in neutral. SOOO, putting my hazards on, I changed the gear - no difference. Then I stopped and put it in park, then back to drive and it still made the same noise. The car continued to roll home - thank goodness because I get home LATE(1am) and did not want to stop - nor want to wake anyone up… Now that I am home, I do not dare turn it back on… Help!?! Is my car ok?

Why are you afraid to start the engine? Was the engine making a strange sound?

Sounds like the transmission died. I’d check the transmission fluid level. If you’re lucky you just need more transmission fluid, but don’t count on being lucky.

How many miles on the Accent?

And what model year?

Nope, I’m sorry to say your car is not okay. Check your tranny fluid. I’ll wager tha it’s low and probably has a burned smell.

The link between your engine and your tranny is a “torque converter”, which is a fluid coupling device. It’s sort of like a bagel sliced in half with vanes inside filled with fluid. As the engine turns the vanes in the front half, the fluid drags the back half along. Beyond a specific speed it’s “locked up” by a hydraulically operated clutch. It sounds like your “bagel” has too little fluid to function properly and your “lockup clutch” has no fluid pressure to operate. The front half pf the bagel is barely able to drag the back half along.

I’ve attached an article that may help you understand the problem

Bottom line: you need to have the car towed to a reputable tranny shop.

Sincere best.