Torn boot, grinding noise...what to do?

I have a '98 Accord. It’s got some issues and I am in the process of buying a new vehicle. But need to have a driveable car for work in the meantime. I have a torn boot on the front passenger side. Front brakes are also pretty worn down, not mention the Cat converter is shot and rusted. I’m getting a very loud, grinding noise when I turn to the left. Very loud noise. Some noise when turning to the right but not nearly as loud. My mechanic looked at the car a week ago and told me too many problems to fix the car, get a new one. which I am but it’s taking some time. I’m just wondering if you think the car is likely safe enough to continue to drive until I get the new car. It’s the loud grinding noise that freaks me out.

That’s the noise from one of your axles (where the torn boot it, I’d bet). Your axle is going bad, and when it finally breaks you will be stranded. At a minimum you have to get the axle replaced and get the brakes fixed, for safety’s sake.

I’d agree with texases. Fix it or buy another car now. Driving around like this is simply a terrible idea.