Axle noise?


1996 Honda Accord makes a loud metal clanking when I turn a hard left. The noise is akin to a metal stick running up and down a metal radiator. I took it in to a tire shop and the mechanic said both axles are rotten and need to be replaced for about $400. Does this sound about right? With regards to cause and solution… thank you…or perhaps I’ll just never turn left…


$400, parts and labor, is a good price for both half-shafts. This car is 12 years old, and CV joints that have cracked and leaked are prone to noises like this. When the CV joints make noises like this, or like ball bearings rattling in a jar, it means they have gone bad and need to be replaced. If ignored, they will fail when you least expect it, and leave you stranded.


Thanks for the advice! Others have said similar and am now convinced. I knew when I bought it after one owner who never had a thing replaced, that I would be the one to replace everything. So be it - after doing the math with various repairs, it’s still better than a car payment! I’m taking it in on Monday… thanks again!


“I bought it after one owner who never had a thing replaced”

If that is true, then you are currently living very dangerously in regard to the timing belt on that engine! Check the Owner’s Manual to verify the change interval which I believe to be every 90,000 miles or 6 years, whichever comes first.

When that overstressed timing belt snaps, you will incur major internal engine damage and it may cost upwards of $1,200.00 to repair it. Take my advice and change it yesterday, along with the water pump. Otherwise, you are risking a REALLY big repair bill in the very near future.


Haha - one step ahead of you! Had both timing belt and water pump changed at reasonable prices before anything major started happening. I love my Honda and by god I’m gonna push her to a ripe old age if I can!


Excellent! It’s good to hear that you are trying to be proactive with your maintenance. Get those CV joints replaced, and you should be good to go.