Identifying a noise

I have a 1996 Honda Accord LX with only 75,000 miles on it. I recently had the boots (actually they replaced the axel with the boots) replaced as they were cracked. I have been noticing a knocking sound sometimes from the front when I turn a corner to the left or the right. It doesn’t always happen, but is happening quite often. Is this something to be concerned about


What should I be looking for as a concern?

Did they replace both axles or just one?

It was just the one in the front. I guess when the boots are cracked they just replace the entire axle.

Yes, they replace the axle, but there are two axles, one on either side of the car. If they only replaced one the other one may have lost the lubrication in one of its CV joints and is making the noise.

A worn CV joint makes a sort of clicking noise as you accelerate with the front wheels turned.

If both axles were replaced the noise is probably something else.

There are two on the front - they’re actually called “halfshafts”. Its a thing about front wheel drive vehicles.

The most likely scenario is that you either need the other halfshaft also replaced. If the boots were bad on the one, then its likely they’re pretty old so it wouldn’t be odd to need both.

The other possibility is that the replacement they put in is defective. Unfortunately this seems to have become all too common. Many halfshafts are very poor quality rebuilds and you might have gotten one.

Take it back to the shop that replaced the halfshaft and get them to check it out and explain the whole thing to you - what a halfshaft is, what CV joints are, why they make noise, how they can tell which shaft is a problem, etc.

Thank you. They did replace both boots, so that means both axles would have been replaced. I have an appointment to go for a drive with the mechanic tomorrow so he can hear the noise. Your information will really help me as we explore what is making the noise. He is a mechanic I trust, but knowing more helps me. I feel more informed, now.

Most halfshafts do have two boots - so two boots usually means one shaft.

Here is a typical looking halfshaft:

Well, my mechanic checked out the car and your information was absolutely correct. They will be taking care of it. In the meantime he said I’m not harming anything driving it until we can get it scheduled. Thanks for how completely you answered my question.