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Civic Coupe 98. LF Axle replace or just a new boot?

Last time was told need a new RF axle and got by with just a new boot. Now same thing on left side. Mechanic says the boot is torn and losing grease. I can hear a creaking from that side. Car has 150K miles.
Estimate $120 parts + $70 labour.
Are they trying to sell unnecessary work or am I being too suspicious?

“Estimate $120 parts + $70 labour.”

Is this for a boot or axle replacement ?


If you’re hearing noise, the joint has been damaged. You need to replace the CV joint, which means a new axle. That price sounds pretty reasonable for the job.

Acutally, I just replace the axle any time I find a torn boot. By the time I’ve paid someone to remove the boot, clean the joint, and put the new boot on, I’ve paid for a good portion of the cost of replacing the whole axle, and I have to wonder if the joint got contaminated with road grit and will go bad. Seems pointless to me.

Totally agree with @Shadowfax. Just replace the entire half shaft.

Agree with the above but add, get a NEW aftermarket axle, not a remanufactured axle. The new aftermarket axles are only a few dollars more than a reman and well worth it. They are no where near the cost of a new Honda axle. My preference is EMPI.

Totally agree with Shadow and Keith.

I disagree with Keith; I’d rather have a reman’d OEM axle than a new aftermarket one. A lot of the new axles come from Cardone, and I’ve had bad luck with them on a lot of different items.

Try EMPI axles. They have been good to me.

Thanks for your quick, informative and useful replies. The mechanic said the same thing, given the labour involved better to replace the axle.
I live in Montreal (Canada) and the roads are something out of the 3rd world. Front ends get a pounding.