Top speed for hyundai

what is the top speed for factory hyundai tiburon with 4 cylinder engine

Why don’t you ask your local police officer to check it with his speed gun? He’ll only charge you a couple hundred dollars and a few points on your driving record.

my neighbor and cousin is a state trooper but i didnt think he could keep up with crappy ford cruiser.

A Ford LTD State Trooper car is a heavy car. A Tiburon is light and aerodynamic. The four-banger gives marginal power, but this car doesn’t need it to maintain a good cruising speed. You will not win races, but it is enough to get you in trouble.

im not going to race it i just bought it for my teenage son and was wondering how much trouble he could get into guess im going to hve to take it for a ride. wondered if it has a chip that i could have chaged that would limit the speed

I love how people make assumptions on what you are asking.

A great case was my cousin got a ticket for an estimated speed of 130mph in a 80’s Sentra out of state. He fought the ticket by mail as the top speed according to Nissan (official) was 98 mph. They reduced his 130 mph in a 70 mph to 80mph all via postal mail(many letters).

My guess is 120mph-140mph.

All modern cars go 112mph - 140mph(lowly Camry’s). A good indicator is speed rating of factory tires. It will be that speed or less. Example H-rated means 130mph or less.

just bought it for my teenage son

Adding a chip to limit top speed will only help to build the wall between you and your son. That heads off in a direction of not trusting each other - something I would avoid at all costs.

The best way to get him to drive a car responsibly is for him to pay for it himself, and for him to learn what it’s like to walk when he abuses that responsibility.

You have put your son in a sports car. It will go plenty fast enough for him to get into trouble if speed is his thing. Uhm, teenage boy and sports car, my guess is he is into speed. The top speed is likely in excess of 120 mph. Remember Indy racers for years ran 4 cylinder motors, so you can get plenty of speed from a 4 banger. If it is turbocharged, even more speed and faster acceleration.

The good news is that sports cars handle and stop well too. Your only recourse it is to relieve him of the car whenever you have evidence that he has crossed the line on the rules you establish. Our new driving son has a 4 door Camry. His rules, one friend only in the car. We caught him with 2 passengers and he lost the car for 2 days. Driving too fast or recklessly in the neighborhood, so far no problems. If we see him driving in any inappropriate manner the car is gone for a period. 1st infraction was 2 days no car, 2nd is 4 days, 3rd 6 days, etc.

We also paid for professional driving training, and he had Driver’s Ed in his high school. I spent lots of time driving and coaching him in the “learner’s permit” stage which is a year in my state (NJ).

I’m not sure if your son is at the point of a full license, or on his learning permit. It is always scarey to set them free with a car. In this case the car is a powerful one built for speed. I hope you have done a good job prepping him to handle the car and the responsibility.

By all means you need to drive the car too. That way you have a baseline to compare to when you son says something is not right with the car. I drive my son’s car just a bit every month just to make sure it feels normal. I also take the lead on maintenance since young driver’s may not realize they have to maintain a car as well as enjoy driving it. Best wishes.

The relevant answer is - it will go fast enough to trigger a reckless driving ticket in most states, and fast enough to exceed the capabilities of the tires, suspension and chassis (making the car uncontrollable) if he makes any sudden moves with the steering wheel at top speed.

The numerical answer is sort of academic, but if you take it out and try it (carefully!) I will wager that you will find that the 2 liter 138 HP engine will pull that car somewhere in the neighborhood of 105-110 on level ground.

I’ve driven vehicles that would do everything from 95 tops to 155 tops, and the horsepower demands rise exponentially as you go faster. There is only so much you can do with 138 HP, even if your car is shaped like a Lotus.

The Tib is a sheep in wolf’s clothing even with the V6 its performance in inferior to that of most family sedans you see today. With the 4 cylinder it’s even more anemic. Performance figures are here

Max speed for the 4 cylinder is around 125 MPH. However the 0-60 time is around 9-10 seconds, which is quite slow for a car with sporting pretentions.