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Top Gear U.S

VDCdriver referenced TG U.S. a while back as being bland beyond belief and I totally concur with that. The local paper announced that TG U.S. will be filming in my neck of the woods over the next 3 days and will produce a segment about tractors pulling something large (?) to the city square.

It’s stated they will be closing both the N/S and E/W main highway arteries to do this and this is going to go over like a lead balloon due to the post harvest wheat truck traffic, huge number of oil and gas vehicles related to the drilling boom, and the wind farm construction traffic along with the daily grind of barely moving cars. No doubt some new profane words will be added to the English language by some irate truck drivers… :slight_smile:

If it were the British guys I’d probably go take it all in but the American crew would just cause me to doze off.

I can imagine some going down there just to cuss them out for closing off the main roadways

Reminds me of the time when I got caught in a bicycle race when I had a Doctors appointment,I was being real careful when a motorcycle cop pulled up along side and pretty haughtily told me to pull over.In my defense that was the first I had heard of a bicycle race through the hills and ridges that day -Kevin

maybe they’re gonna try to make their own biofuel like the UK guys did a few years ago

Apparently it’s a moot point now. After being given a permit for this segment the producers abruptly cancelled it at the last second while stating that it’s been put on hold indefinitely.

Now we likely will never know the reason for the cancellation along with why they considered this place to begin with.
The cynic in me thinks that maybe the producers were trying to squeeze money out of the city coffers in exchange for some national press and the city didn’t come through but I could be wrong on that.
Based on the city’s prior track record of doling out money they don’t have I could be right… :wink:

Just wanted to give you an agree badge.

All you have to do is click the Agree or smiley Bing. I did.

I really do not enjoy the US version of Top Gear. It’s like three immature jerks doing stupid things with cars. IMHO, the British version is far more sophisticated and enjoyable. Maybe it’s the accents.

I agree the British version is far superior and at least in my opinion it’s due to the accents, some of the terminology used, and the hosts actually tearing themselves and each other down in a very humorous way.

Probably the main reason I had an interest in the planned and dead for the moment segment here was to see who was going to provide the tractors and equipment.
While the local John Deere dealer certainly doesn’t need the press I’d have liked to see him get a bit of publicity because the owner has made a screaming success out of this franchise in just a few short years after it was run into the ground by the previous owner; a state senator who went around all of the time talking about creating jobs.

It’s called “content” …Something to fill one of the 400 television channels…The ONLY thing important about “content” is that YOU watch it and are exposed to the 50% commercial content embedded in the show…The producers get paid $55,000 to $100,000 for every 1/2 hour (20 minutes) of finished video they provide…

Car guys, we are in the wrong business!

I don’t particularly care for the US version of Top Gear and only watched it once.
The English version is way funnier to me.

“It’s like three immature jerks doing stupid things with cars.”

That’s a perfect description of the Brit Top Gear trio. Sometimes BBC America has a Top Gear marathon. I can’t watch more than two in a row because they are such idiots. Well, their characters on the show are idiots. And well-paid buffoons, too.