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Top Contributor

I Like It.


Yeah, they da bomb! I waiting for all the honors and privileges pertaining thereto.

I liked being in the Worried About You Division. Now I have to tell jokes to get attention.

Am I missing something???

Look right under your name in your post. It says, “Top 20 Contributor.” I guess they don’t want to list actual post counts.

I guess I need to post more. I only made the top 250 section.

It’s not quantity, but quality. You do good stuff, too, Cougar.

I am not even in the top 50 in quanity,someone made a mistake.

Uhhh…you’re in the top 20. A long time ago - with the old style discussion board, there was a different “ranking” system. It still went by quantity, but the labels were much goofier, and thus IMHO, better.

Well…it looks like some people have a little too much time on their hands. I know some are retired - but how many hours of work productivity do you figure are lost on this board every year?

Please count me among those who are retired!

I made the “top 20”. I REALLY need to get a life!

There’d be a lot more productivity lost if the computer screen didn;t flash bright red every time you clicked the mouse…

Beats the heck out of TV, Some of the top I did not recognize, it would be cool but probably impractical to rate the quality of answers in addition to the number of answers.

Trust me, a LOT of productive work hours are lost on this board.

That’s the list from the old board. I wonder when they’ll get a new list up??

I only started posting last May or so.

do they even keep track of post count anymore?

Wow, I didn’t know it was a competition.