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Tommy lift hydraulic fluid container

I was filling hydraulic fluid in the plastic container for my tommy lift on 2003 chevy express box truck. Not paying attention, I screwed plug back too far and it fell into plastic tank that holds fluid. I replaced with another plug. Only way to get plug that fell in, is to take apart and drain. Too much hassle.
My question if anyone knows, if i leave old plug in tank, do i risk serious damage?

No way to know here ( we have Tommy Lift on our 00 F250 ) except maybe call a dealer ( Clark Truck Equipment in Albuquerque for example. ) to see if it will block the pickup or return flow.

However, If you experience an oddity to the function of yours…
you’ll know exactly what it is ;).

Try one of those spring loaded grab fingers they sell at the auto parts strores.

Thanks. No way to grab. Only place to pull through is the hole that it screwed into. Whatever i grab with will block threads. Good idea bout calling dealer. Just thought maybe find someone that pulled the same dumb move. If you ever fill your hydraulic fluid, be careful to not screw the plug down too far.