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Foreign body removal from gas tank

I ran out of gas the other day in my 1965 F250 (the fuel tank sensory likely stopped working the year I was born) and had to place fuel using an emergency gas can. During the refueling process the plastic extension from the gas can spout became dislodged and travelled down into the truck’s tank. What is the safest, most economical way to remove this foreign body from the tank or do I even need to? I thought about trying to use a coat hanger, but am unable to see and maneuver that deep in the tank. I fear I have have to drain the tank, remove it from the cab of the truck, and shake it upside down. Please advise.

Dr Jeremy

Personally I would forget about it. It seems like there would be little to no chance of the spout affecting the function of the gas tank/fuel pump. I doubt there’s a cheap, quick, easy, let alone safe, way to remove the spout.

Good luck.

Yah, leave it.
unless you have a real long spring-finger grabber and you feel like fishing for a good while.

The fuel pick-up is through a quarter inch tube that should have a cylindrical nylon filter on it, and even if the filter is not there now, the pickup tube will not be obstructed by the spout.

Just leave it sit forever much like the burp plug that people find in their transmission pan at the first filter change, the next person to look in that tank will scratch their head…’‘what the ?’’

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I would leave it also. With a truck this old there may be another one in there as well.

And I was wondering how a Lithuanian got in there…

“And I was wondering how a Lithuanian got in there…”

Escaping from the Soviet Union in the 1980s. This gas tank was at the end of a long tunnel. Hey, maybe he could just hand the plastic cap out!

Thanks all. It will remain in the tank until the day she dies.